Heliocentric Worlds

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Heliocentric Worlds is a show that plays music by Sun Ra and others that orbit his stratosphere every Sunday from 1-2pm ET and Thursday from 8-9pm ET on Radio Harbor Country.

Episode 007

S' Wonderful - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Rhapsody in Blue - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

But Not For Me - Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra

Nice Work If You Can Get It - The Nu Sounds

It Ain't Necessarily So - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Tapestry for an Asteroid - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Where is Tomorrow? - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

I Loves You Porgy - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Mod House - Wilbur Ware

Looking Outward - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

I Struck a Match on the Moon - Ricky Murray

The Blue Set - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Big City Blues - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

State Street (alt take) - Sun Ra & His Arkestra


Happy New Year To You - The Qualities

Star Bright - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

The Nile Pt. 1 - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Eve - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

The Lady With The Golden Stockings - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Astro - Walt Dickerson & Sun Ra

But Not For Me - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Foggy Day - Billy Bang

Some Blues But Not the Kind That's Blue - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

When Angeles Speak of Love - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Demon's Love - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Tiny Pyramids - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Episode 005

It's Christmas Time - The Qualities

April in Paris - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Island In The Sun (Complete Version) - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Cha Cha In Outer Space -  Sun Ra & His Arkestra

The Conversion of J.P. - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Bilbo Is Dead - Andrew Tibbs

Cryin' By My Window - Jo Jo Adams With Tom Archia All-Stars

Drinkin' Blues - Jo Jo Adams With Tom Archia All-Stars

When I'm In My Tea - Jo Jo Adams With Tom Archia All-Stars

Deep Purple - Billy Bang

Urnack - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Medicine For A Nightmare - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Great Balls of Fire - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Adventures In Space - Sun Ra & His Arkestra

Episode 004

I Am An Instrument - Sun Ra

All of You - Sun Ra 

Unrack - Sun Ra

Reflections in Blue - Sun Ra

Stars Fell On Alabama - Sun Ra

Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie - The Cosmic Rays

New Horizons - Sun Ra

Pleasure - Sun Ra

Cosmo-Party Blues - Sun Ra

When Lights Are Dark aka Back Alley Blues - Sun Ra

Loose Wig - Lionel Hampton & his Orchestra

Little John - Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra

Cuttin' Time - Benny Carter & his Orchestra

Episode 003

Sometimes I'm Happy - Sun Ra

Time After Time - Sun Ra

Easy To Love - Sun Ra

Keep Your Sunny Side Up - Sun Ra

A Foggy Day - The Nu Sounds

Chant Of The Weed - Don Redman Orchestra

Fat Man Blues - Tina Parhamand his Musicians

Rhyhtym Spasm - The Mills Blues Rhythm - Baron Lee

I'm Making Believe - Little Mack

The Sun One - Yochanan

St Louis Blues - Sun Ra

The All Of Everything - Sun Ra

Search Light Blues - Sun Ra

Blue Rhythm - Fletcher Henderson

Sugar Foot Stomp - Fletcher Henderson

Chocolate Avenue - Clarence Williams Orchestra

Episode 002

We Travel The Spaceways - Sun Ra

Call For All Demons - Sun Ra

Bassism - Sun Ra

Tell Her To Come Home - Little Mack

Is That Me? - Yochanan

Chicago USA - The Nu-Sounds

Bye Bye - The Cosmic Rays

Somewhere In Space - Sun Ra

The Nile Pt. 1 - Sun Ra

Round Midnight - Hattye Randolph

Tenderly - Sun Ra

Beautiful Love - Sun Ra Arkestra w/ Marshall Allen 

Sleeping Beauty - Sun Ra

Episode 001

Enlightenment - Sun Ra

Calling Planet Earth - Sun Ra

Sun Song - Sun Ra

Dreaming - The Cosmic Rays

Lights on a Satellite - Sun Ra

Brainville - Sun Ra

Spaceship Lullaby - The Nu-Sounds

Sunology Pt.2 - Sun Ra

Sun Steps - Sun Ra

I'm Coming Home - Billie Hawkins

Body & Soul - Sun Ra

Somebody's In Love - The Cosmic Rays

Back In Your Own Backyard - Hattye Randolph

Bacon and Eggs - Walt Dickerson

I Am Trying To Find Myself